Cooperative Food Empowerment Directive

We’re building a cooperative food economy powered by the visionary leadership of Queer, Trans, Black, Indigenous People of Color.

We strongly believe that the work of liberation and empowerment must center those who have been historically marginalized in order to dismantle systemic inequities. This is why we are led by and serve QTBIPOC communities.


About Us

We are transforming the current food system that has roots in genocide and theft into one that is guided by collective liberation, radical reimagination, and healing of our relationships with each other and the land. Our work is to get and keep ourselves free. 

We are constantly re-membering our ancestral understanding that cooperation is not a new way of functioning for our communities. Cooperation is how we take care of ourselves. Cooperation is how we can heal our food and land systems, and build collective tomorrows that we want to live in and leave behind for future generations.



Our Programs & Services

We create monetarily and culturally viable alternatives to capitalism by making co-ops more accessible and irresistible by providing technical, financial, and educational resources to cooperators.

Our Sponsors and Major Donors