Advisory Board

Current Board Members

Amethyst Carey, Philadelphia Area Cooperative Alliance

pronouns: she/her

Amethyst (she/her) is a Philly-based organizer, solidarity economy practitioner, and a lover of cooperatives. She believes deeply in the potential for cooperatives to serve as sites of radical transformation and is thrilled to bring her Queer & Black liberation-centered lens to her work as a Co-op Developer at the Philadelphia Area Cooperative Alliance (PACA). 

Amethyst is also a Board Member of the Cooperative Fund of the Northeast (CFNE), a co-op centered community development loan fund. She is an avid gardener, a podcast and music lover, and passionate about resting as much as she works. Amethyst is a graduate of Oberlin College.

Carlos Hernandez, Apeel Sciences

pronouns: he/him

Carlos Hernandez is a first-generation Chicano that was born in San José, California (Ohlone land). He currently works as a chemist for a sustainable ag-tech company called Apeel Sciences and is based out of Mexico City, where he focuses on developing his company’s technology with small-scale farmers in the country’s rural regions. Carlos enjoys playing guitar, son jarocho, running, skating, ceramics, and reading about politics and the environment.

Tim Lampkin, Higher Purpose Co.

pronouns: he/him

Tim Lampkin is the co-founder and CEO of Higher Purpose Co. a nonprofit social impact agency building wealth in communities of color across Mississippi by supporting the ownership of land, businesses, and homes. Ashoka recognized him in 2018 as an emerging innovator addressing the racial wealth gap in the United States. An BALLE and Movement Voices Fellow, he has a decade of community development experience. He previously managed the Racial Equity Program for the Mississippi Humanities Council which won the national 2018 Schwartz Prize. Lampkin also worked for Southern Bancorp to implement several community initiatives and assisted rural entrepreneurs at Delta State University. He continues to produce narrative change documentaries highlighting relevant Mississippi topics. Lampkin serves on the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis Advisory Council. He is a proud HBCU graduate of Mississippi Valley State University and currently finishing his Doctorate of Education at the University of Arkansas.

Gregory Jackson, Repaired Nations Cooperative

pronouns: he/him

Greg is a native of Oakland with deep family roots who feels fortunate to live within blocks of his family that now spans three generations. He is deeply committed to achieving economic equity in the East Bay through collective ownership and democratic decision-making. Recognizing the many social problems rooted in the unequal distribution of wealth and decision-making power, Greg focused his law school research on international cooperatives. During his internship with Sustainable Economies Law Center he created a pilot program for youth-led cooperative development. As a 2018 Equal Justice Works Legal Fellow, Greg aims to increase collective decision-making and cooperative-ownership in East Oakland. He holds a B.A. in Philosophy from San Diego State University, and a J.D. from Golden Gate University School of Law.

Xavion Freedom, Reimagine Real Estate

pronouns: he/him

Xavion Freedom is a genuine, diligent leader who has served at all levels of an organization across university, nonprofit, tech, and small business. With a multidisciplinary background committed to equity, Xavion works at the intersection of land and holistic health.  

Currently serving as the CEO of Reimagine Real Estate, LLC, Xavion facilitates real estate acquisitions and small development, as well as guides people and community-based organizations on their land dream projects. As the Founder of Original Blackprint, a community organization based in Oakland, CA, who seeks to holistically transform the material conditions of all Afrikan/Black people in pursuit of total liberation, Xavion leverages land/real estate, holistic development, mindset and purpose-based healing to address economic, environmental, physical, political, social, and spiritual health. Xavion is also skilled in brand, leadership, and organizational development.

As a shaper of both space and people, Xavion is distinctly passionate about using land and the built environment to forge creative solutions to social problems, so one day we may all Be Free. Stay connected at @xavionbefree.