Construyendo Una Economía Alimentaria Cooperativa

Debe haber un esfuerzo sostenido para escucharnos unos a otros; aprender unos de otros; respetarnos unos a otros; y buscar puntos en común.

Our Values

Hall in East Moline, Ill.. But the truth is, that isn’t all that I know of the man. For the African-American community, that path means embracing the burdens of our past without becoming victims of our past. That is why we plan to invest $1.5 billion each year over the next five years to partner with Pakistanis to build schools and hospitals, roads and businesses, and hundreds of millions to help those who have been displaced.

Our Programs & Services

We have the power to make the world we seek, but only if we have the courage to make a new beginning, keeping in mind what has been written.

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